Forestry Mulching, Skid Steer & Backhoe Work

Quality forestry mulching and land clearing for commercial and residential properties in north Alabama.

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Three Benefits of Forestry Mulching

Reduces Impact to Landscape

Traditional methods of land clearing make it difficult to selectively clear areas of the property. Mulching, on the other hand, can be done on a plant-by-plant basis. Each tree or shrub in question is mulched at its original spot, reducing the amount of heavy equipment that needs to be brought on-site and preserving the nearby plant life.

Prevents Erosion

Other land clearing services leave large swaths of bare dirt behind after work is completed. During wind and rainstorms, the dirt can wash away, creating an erosion issue on your land. By using forestry mulching to clear your land, you’ll reduce the risk of erosion significantly. The mulch keeps the soil in place while protecting the root systems of ground-cover plants and natural grasses. Over time, this helps keep your property’s drainage in good shape and preserves the health of the environment.

Long-Term Improvement to the Soil

If you’ve ever looked in a garden bed, you’ve probably noticed a layer of mulch spread on top of the soil. This helps slowly give the soil the nutrients it needs to help plants thrive. Forestry mulching accomplishes much the same effect. Once the shrub or tree is mulched, the nutrients from the wood slowly get deposited in the soil. After a while, this enriches the soil while also reducing the risk of mold and fungus damaging still-standing trees.


What is Forestry Mulching?


  • When the brush clearing job is too much or too large to hand cut with a chainsaw, this is where the job starts for a forest mulcher.
  • Forestry mulching is the process of selectively cutting trees, brush, and vines to flush with the ground. In one step our equipment can cut, grind, and clear the unwanted vegetation from your property, leaving behind a fine mulch that is operational, and beautiful.
  • We use a cat 299d2 xhp, the mulching attachment is a Denis Cimaf with planer teeth which does a much better job than diamond teeth. They cut the brush in tiny pieces rather than shredding it into long stringy pieces. Planer teeth does a much better job and boost productivity.



There are three options to clearing trees and brush from your property:
  • A Forestry Mulcher with one operator that can reduce the biomass into a mulch that remains as a nutrient for the soil, excellent erosion control, or a substrate for driving on.
    - A Tracked Mulcher or Excavator with a Forestry Mulcher attachment has a low equipment/operator cost, and a low time cost.
  • Hand cutting with chainsaws and operators and some methods of gathering the cut material and disposing of it.
    - Hand cutting has low equipment costs, but extremely high Labor cost. (can be up to $9000/Acre)
  • A bulldozer to push trees over, a loader to load trees onto trucks for disposal, haul trucks, and operators for all equipment.
    - Bulldozing method has high equipment/operator costs, and high time costs because moving material multiple times.


  • The best part of all – no haul off! They enable residential and commercial property owners to experience the benefits of forestry mulching.
  • Hauling off is costly
  • Dozers may harm keeper trees
  • Burning Permits are a pain, and not allowed in many places
  • Effective & optimal use of resources
  • Resulting mulched biomass provides superior erosion protection and nutrients back into the soil
  • All stumps and stems are mulched flush with ground; can be immediately driven over, mowed, or planted with grass
  • There’s no need for permits , silt fencing, burning or hauling off debris. When we finish it’s ready for grass seed


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